Debate competition
Date: Monday, June 7th, 2010. Time: 6:10-8:50 p.m. Place: 商館

Opening: Explain the rules. Arrange the seats.
Debate 1: Girls should wear makeup.
Affirmative group: Betty, Brenda, Molly Yeh, Christina
Negative group: Ines, Molly Chen, Elsie
Debate 2: Sons should not live with parents after getting married.
Affirmative group: Elaine, Genie, Jerry
Negative group: Vicky, Caroline, Virginia, Sabine
Debate 3: The government should legalize same-sex marriage.
Affirmative group: Jack, Ann, Zoe
Negative group: Josephine, Chen Lin, Wan wan, Steven
Debate 4: Boss can supervise employees’ phones and computers during the work hours.
Affirmative group: Jessica, Carlos, Sherry, Winnie
Negative group: Kaitlyn, Susan, Ling

1. The whole debate process is around 31-33 min.
A1 (3 min) à (10 sec prep) à B1(3 min) à(30 sec prep) àA2 (3 min)à (30 sec prep) à Cross examine by the Negative Group (5 min) à (30 sec prep) àB2 (3 min)à (30 sec prep) à Cross examine by the Affirmative Group (5 min)à (30 sec prep) à A3 (3 min)à (10 sec prep) à B3 (3 min)
2. Time to speak is strictly counted by the PowerPoint Timer. Speakers must be aware of the 30-sec-left warning and control the speaking speed. Speakers must stop when the slide shows “Time’s up”.
3. The order of groups to speak will be decided by drawing lots before the debate.
4. All group members could/should jump in when being cross examined. Every member can propose and answer questions. In order to use time well, the examining group has rights to stop the examined group’s answering.
5. All participants will be evaluated by the profession audience. The final grade of a group will be the sum of peer’s (70%) and the teacher’s (30%) evaluation. The winning group will get an extra 10 points. The best speaker will get another extra 5 points individually.