Week 14. Speaking to Persuade

Toastmaster: Round #8

Agenda for this week: (Steven!)


Chapter 7. Speaking to Peruade


Speaking task

Topic 1. Sons should not live with parents after getting married.
Affirmative group: Elaine, Genie, Jerry
Negative group: Vicky, Caroline, Virginia, Sabine

Topic 2. Boss can supervise employees’ phones and computers during the work hours.
Affirmative group: Jessica, Carlos, Sherry, Winnie
Negative group: Kaitlyn, Susan, Ling

Topic 3. Girls should wear makeup.
Affirmative group: Betty, Brenda, Molly Yeh, Christina
Negative group: Ines, Molly Chen, Elsie

Topic 4. The government should legalize same-sex marriage.
Affirmative group: Jack, Ann, Zoe
Negative group: Josephine, Chen Lin, Wan wan, Steven