Week 7. Informative Speech Preparation

The following table shows your topic separately. So far your proposals have revealed your general interests and topics. The next step, after you refer to others' comments and suggestions and confirm your plans, please give a catchy title to your presentation.

Group name
Rough topic
Specific title
Vicky & Betty
Disney’s globalization
Disney is not a wanderland
Ines & Kaitlyn
Different special food
Let's Devour Some Exotic Cuisine --- Italy, Mexico, Japan
Anne & Elsie
Outguess one at first sight!
Carlos & Jack
Greek Tragedy & American Movies

Chen Lin & Jessica
Cohabitation in France
"Ensemble, c'est tout?!" Cohabitation in France.
Christina & Sabina
Colors cultures among different countries: Red, white, black, purple.
"Red equals delight." Are you sure?
Croline & Winnie
Drinking cultures among different countries: France, Germany and Taiwan.
Toast in wine, beer or even..... tea!
Elaine & Wen-wen
countries' well-known festivals
Let's Celebrate with the World!
Jerry & Steven
How culture influence sport
Different baseball styles in Japan and America
Josephine & Sherry
FIFA world cupPlayers and fans of different countries
Ling & Virginia
How gestures vary in different cultures.
"OK" is not ok ! - How gesture vary in different countries.
Molly Chen & Genie
Carnival in different regions
Say carnaval,Karneval,carnaval !!!
Molly & Zoe
Wedding and funeral vary from culture to culture (Germanic, Slav and Latin)
The happiest and the saddest things in your life.
Susan & Brenda
different architectures between Europe and Asia
Meaningful architecture