Week 6. Speaking to Inform

Toastmaster: Round #3

Agenda for this week: Winnie!! (Please upload the agenda before Sunday, March 28, 10 p.m.)

Chapter 4. Speaking to Inform

Speaking task

Brainstorm the definitions of "culture".
Think about those definitions given by scholars, and make up your own.
Your definition of "culture" would influence your informative speech presentations on Week10.


Backhome task

Get into a group of two. Find a topic for your informative speech.
Write out your proposal outline. Post it on the Wikis
before Sunday, April 7.
The outline of your “proposal outline” is as follow:

I. Definition of “Culture”
II. Topic
a. Rationale (To explain the reasons why the topic you choose fits your definition of “culture.)
Preview (To briefly introduce the topic, and tell the possible directions you are going to probe into the topic.)
Significance (To explain the importance of knowing this topic.)