Brenda 's feedback:

Thank you for all comments, I think I should dress more formally and give more eye contacts. Also, we should focus more on the relation of culture and architecture but not just focus on the pictures. Furthermore, we should add some points and key words with the picture. Next time we will be attention to those comments and smile more, and thank you for admiring the Q&A session, we really learned a lot.

Susan's feedback:
I apologize for no preparing well in my presentation, and I was too nervous to give a completed introduction. Nevertheless, thanks for these comments that you advise us. Your opinions will make us pay more attention on our PPT and the depth of the content next time, and I deeply appreciate these praises and encouragements.

The followings are comments from the classmates & me. To present their comments precisely, I do not change any of their wordings. Please take the comments positively. J

Read the comments carefully. Some comments are contradictory; you should think about those comments more carefully to figure out the reasons. After reading thecomments, write down your feedback to the audience.

In terms of ways of delivery:
1. Dress more formally.
2. It’s better if they smile more.
3. More eye contacts will be better.
4. Give good Q&A session.
5. Very confident when being asked, showing that they knew a lot about the topic.

In terms of visual aids:
6. Use PPT well.
7. Beautiful pictures!
8. PPT can write some important points
9. There’re fewer words but more pictures on PPT. Maybe you add more words on it.
10. Maybe they can add titles on each picture to let audience more clearly understand.

In terms of content:
11. Would be better to add more depth: what is the cultural connection with those architectures?
12. You can focus more on the relation between culture and architecture.
13. If add a good conclusion related to culture, the presentation will be better.
14. Maybe you could do some research on the professional vocabulary so that you can explain more (deeper) to the audience
15. There are many beautiful pictures, but you can put some key words on it, so we can understand it more quickly.

Susan & Brenda

I. Definition of “Culture”
- Culture means a group of people residing in the same region, having the equivalent language and sharing the identical living style.
II. Topic
- Meaningful architectures
a. Rationale
- When we travel to a new country, we may be impressed by the local architectures first, and the characteristics of different country’s architecture can reveal distinct custom of living type. Therefore, by the architecture we can understand more about the different culture in different region.

b. Preview
- We will introduce architectures of Europe and Asia, especially their background of forming. Moreover, we will focus on how do the clime and landform affect the types of those architectures.
c. Significance
-When we travel to other countries, the first thing that we will notice is their architecture. Furthermore, we always take picture with those distinctive buildings during the travel to memorize our trip.