Molly Yeh's feedback:
First of all, I want to say that it's a little difficult to explain "why" and "how" those traditions come from, I searched and checked lots of datas, but most of them just talked about what those traditions are. So I could only try to figure reasons out by myself. We really knew this big problem and disscussed about it before presentation, but we've tried our best. To be honest, I had to spend more time on the presentation, include searching more informations and practicing. We are sorry that we totally forgot the outline, conclusion and references, either.

Zoe's feedback

I think we are not well-prepared. Because my work is busy and Molly had some exams, we didn't spend enough time to gather information. Therefore, our presentation wasn't deep enough. Due to the time limit, I didn't practice enough, either. And we didn't meet each other and rehersal before presentation. we forgot to put the references on the powerpoint and make conclusion. I'm really sorry to let everybody hear the not well-prepared speech, next time I will be well-prepared.

The followings are comments from the classmates & me. To present their comments precisely, I do not change any of their wordings. Please take the comments positively. J

Read the comments carefully. Some comments are contradictory; you should think about those comments more carefully to figure out the reasons. After reading the comments, write down your feedback to the audience.

In terms of ways of delivery:
1. The emotion of voice can be improved.
2. Zoe could have more frequent eye contacts with the audience.
3. Could be more familiar with the content!
4. Seems a little bit nervous.

In terms of organization:
5. Organization of the presentation could be improved.
6. Transitions between two topics (funeral & wedding) are not clear enough.
7. Speakers’ delivery is good and they are confident. However, the whole content is not well-connected during the speech, and the opening is normal.
8. No conclusion in the end of the speech.
9. No reference.

In terms of content:
10. Breadth is enough since they introduce many customs. But depth us not enough.
11. Didn’t explain the factors that form the customs.
12. A lot of information, but less explanation.

Molly & Zoe

1. Definition of "Culture" :
- Because of some environmental reasons (historic or geographic factors), different races have various custom.
2. Topic:
- Wedding and funeral vary from culture to culture(Germanic, Slav and Latin)
(1) Rational
- Europe has rich cultural heritages. Most of time, that results from its complicated and long history, and of cause geography. Through wedding and funeral, the two biggest things in life, maybe we can know easier about different races.
(2) Preview
- We are going to introduce and compare the characteristics and dissimilarities of wedding ceremony and funeral ceremony in the three biggest races in Europe, Germanic, Slav and Latin. Through the introduction, we also hope we can provide some possible reasons how these customs form.
(3) Significance
- It's an era of global village now, we can travel around and make foreign friends easily. So we can't just be satisfied with knowing ourselves well. It's very important to us to understand different customs and cultures. With understanding of distinct races, we can avoid being foolish, and also get along with foreigners well .