Molly's Feedback

After reading the comments, i think there are many places for improvement. First, the time control is quite a big problem in our group. How to manage the time well when presenting maybe can we have like more rehearsal. Secondly, in terms of the visual aids, we do need to put more concentration on PPT! This is one of the negligence that we miss! And as for the topic that we choose France and Germany is because German is what we major in and we are familiar with the german carnival. And France is also famous for the carnival. That the reason that we choose this two countries in the european region. All in all, thanks to the presentation and the comments received from the classmates and teacher, i have truly gaining knowledge in this carnival area ahha :))))) It's really a fun and interesting topic to discover about!


I really have to apologize the artificial negligence at the powerpoint part and alos for the poor knowledge to the equipment there. We actually didn't spend too much time on making the powerpoint so that why it's not so fluent and in wrong order. Plus, I am really bad at making powerpoint, altogether i've made only three times powerpoint myself in my life. And for laking of time control, I even forgot to say the conclusion. The reason why we choose France, Germany and Brazil is that carnival is originally from Europe and more exactly once popular in the area of Germany and France, though the french carnival is now less famous. And because of the Age of discovery carnival is transported to Brazil and developed into one of the biggest and well-known celebration around the world. That the reason why we also include Brazilian carnival into our presentation

The followings are comments from the classmates & me. To present their comments precisely, I do not change any of their wordings. Please take the comments positively. J

Read the comments carefully. Some comments are contradictory; you should think about those comments more carefully to figure out the reasons. After reading the comments, write down your feedback to the audience.

In terms of ways of delivery:
1. Vivid gestures.
2. Confident & persuasive.
3. Looks nervous.
4. Too much elements: time control! Speak too fast! No time for videos.
5. Too many vocal fillers like “ya” or “um”.
6. Don’t say you don’t know in front of the audience. You can just skip that and no one knows.

In terms of visual aids:
7. PPT didn’t not run very smoothly.
8. PPT and videos are not well-prepared, making the presentation a little bit messy.
9. PPT should be planned in proper order. It is not proper to roll the front page when you present.
10. I think they need to be more familiar with the equipment when opening the video.

In terms of content:
11. Why choose only France and Germany from Europe countries as topic?
12. Know the content quite well.
13. No conclusion.
14. No good final remarks. I don’t even know the definition of culture. But fluent.
15. Put references into one place.

Molly Chen & Genie

Ⅰ. Definition of "Culture"
culture means the c
haracteristic of the volk or the feature of a region
Ⅱ. Topic
carnival in different regions
a. Rationale
Speaking of carnival, people always think of something wild and joyful, and it is also one of the most beloved festival around the world. Previously we only knew that carnival is famous in Brazil, after our german class, we were informed that there's also carnival in Germany, and also in France.This topic really attracts us and eager to know more about carnival, and further introduce this special culture to our classmate.
we would like to divide it into three part:
1.Fountain of carnival:
introducing a brief history of carnival.
2.Carnivals around the world
presenting how carnival works in Brazil, Germany and France
3.Meaning of carnival
how these native people look on carnival and the special meaning.
As i just mentioned before,carnival is a worldwide beloved festival. Although this tradition seems to be not that important in Asia. Furthermore, as a student in a internationalized university, which embracing third biggest percentage of foreigner student, we should know more about their culture so that there won't cause any misunderstandings.