Josephine & Sherry

Josephine's feedback:

I'm very appreciate all your comments and I'm glad that classmates enjoy our topic. First thing I would like to say is that we did choose too many countries and forget the depth of our presentation. I will remember this opinion because I think what's the most important is the quality, not the quantity.

Another thing is that I think I was too enthusiastic about my topic, so I let myself keep talking and forgot I should divide the the time equally and let my partner have the chance to answer the questions. Thanks for pointing out that, next time I will try to control my desire of speaking.

And about the smile and eye contact. These two things have been my problems for a long time. I will try to make more eye contact and keep the smile on my face!
Thanks for your comments again!

Sherry's feedback:
Thanks for all your comments and I'm glad that you enjoy our presentation. Your comments are all practical and really points out my drawbacks. I think I am too nervous to smile naturally. And maybe I am so afraid of making mistakes so what I want to say just stuck in my brain and I fail to utter my own opinion. I would keep these advice in mind and hope that next time I will conquer these problems.

The followings are comments from the classmates & me. To present their comments precisely, I do not change any of their wordings. Please take the comments positively. J

Read the comments carefully. Some comments are contradictory; you should think about those comments more carefully to figure out the reasons. After reading the comments, write down your feedback to the audience.

In terms of ways of delivery:
1. Interactions are good.
2. Presenters are with passion. Very persuasive.
3. Presenter is a little nervous.
4. Should smile more.
5. More eye contact could be better.
6. The voice of speakers can be louder.

In terms of visual aids:
7. Fun pictures.
8. Very vivid pictures.
9. It’ll be better if you use bigger word on the PPT.
10. The size of word is too small.
11. The film is a little long.

In terms of the content:
12. You are familiar with your topic.
13. Explain the connections between culture and soccer very well.
14. Maybe you could choose fewer countries but made the content deeper.
15. No key point in the conclusion part.
16. Should divide the time between you two equally.
17. Sherry could do more talking during the presentation.
18. It will be fine if both presenters can answer questions.

Proposal Outline

Ⅰ. Definition of "Culture"
Culture represent the thought, behavior, and the attitude of living of a group of people in different countries.
Ⅱ. Topic
FIFA world cup:Players and fans of different countries.
a. Rationale
During FIFA world cup, players and people will gather for their countries. From how players play and the reaction of fans, we can understand the nationality and the attitude of living of different countries.
1. Introduce characters of players and fans of different countries, like Korea, Japan, England, and Brazil. (Some representative countries.)
2. Relate the characters to the nationalities of different countries.
Since the FIFA is coming, we can thoroughly understand the nationality of different countries by appreciating sports games. And by knowing different nationalities we can fit in to the global village better.