Jerry's Feedback
Thank you for all comments and opinions. First, I think we are not well-prepared because other presentations and exams. Thus, there are few pictures in the beginning part, and we forget to put conclusion and reference. I apologize for the bad time management, and it will be better next time.

Furthermore, I have to focus on the content when I speak in English, so maybe I forgot to use some gestures to explain my topic. I will do my best to solve this problem.

Finally, I want to make relation between baseball and culture, so I do introduce lots of things about their style and system. But it seems not very related to the culture directly. So maybe you can tell me which part you have interested in to know. In addition, thanks for pointing out the comparisons. I think it will be better if we divide the topic in different styles and system instead of in two countries.

Thanks again for your advice.

Steven’s Feedback

I’m appreciated that we have so many opinions and comments from classmates and teacher. When I presented my presentation, I was a little nervous so that I said many “hum”. I will be more relax next time during presenting. And I’m so nervous that I forgot to make some gestures with my presentation.

About the visual aids, we should come to the class earlier next time. We waste some time to open the file and the video during the presentation. If we come to the class earlier, I think we can make the presentation more fluent and better.

In the end, I think we use a wrong way to show our content. We should make some comparison instead of only introducing the baseball style. In addition, we also forgot to put conclusion and reference. It’s a big mistake that we will never make again. Finally, I thank for all comments again. These comments may make me improve in next presentation.

The followings are comments from the classmates & me. To present their comments precisely, I do not change any of their wordings. Please take the comments positively. J

Read the comments carefully. Some comments are contradictory; you should think about those comments more carefully to figure out the reasons. After reading the comments, write down your feedback to the audience.

In terms of ways of delivery:
1. Relax!
2. Gestures can be more.
3. Too many “hum”.
4. Time control!! No time for video.

In terms of visual aids:
5. Several PPT slides were full of only words.
6. Interesting clips.
7. Set up your flip before presentation would be better.

In terms of content:
8. Familiar with the topic, good!
9. No relation to culture. No explanation of causes.
10. The content is not very deep. Most of it is descriptions. Maybe they can do some comparisons for us.
11. Maybe they should focus on culture part more.
12. No conclusion.
13. No reference
14. Very interesting, supporting with good pictures.
15. Add some pictures will have more fun.
16. It would be better if they have more pictures in the beginning part.


Proposal Outline
I. Definition of “Culture”

People’s act is influenced by the environment they live. After a long period, more and more people interest in the same thing.
II. Topic
How culture influence sport
a. Rationale
A sport may vary or develop its own style in different environments. So, comparing the baseball styles between Japan and America can make us know some relation with culture.
b. Preview
The same sport may have variation in different countries. Baseball is popular in Japan and America, but there is difference between them. We are going to compare the styles they play, their fields, and the ways their fans cheer up. Though the introduction, we will also provide some possible reasons which makes these difference.
c. Significance
Now, leisure activities become more and more popular in stressful society. Thus sports become an important role in part of life. Then, we can realize life habits from sport styles. In order to make our life better, we need to relate culture with sport and find how culture influence sport. Understanding the relationship between sports and culture can make us enjoy the life style in different countries.