Debate Topic List

Find out ONE controversial topic. Write down the persuasive speech topic (statement, declarative sentence.) List 2 arguments for the pros side. List 2 arguments for the cons side. Post your topic with arguments on this page.

Please follow the format of the formula:

Homosexual marriage should be allowed
1. Everyone has rights to get marriage when not harming others.
2. If they don’t get marriage, it might cause some social problems.
1. It against the natural rules.
2. It threats traditional marriage structure.

Children should learn English in standard cram school instead of in elementary school.
1. Because English is a language, children should learn more detailed to understand the whole.
2. Teachers can pay more attention on each child.
1. Children learn other subjects in elementary school, why don't they also learn English there?
2. Children should not go to cram schools so early in case that they feel pressured.
Son should not live with parents after getting married.
1. Have more privacy.
2. Wife always can't get along with mother-in-law well.
1.It is son's responsibility to take care of parents.
2.Parents can take care of son's kids much easier.
People should not get married because of unexpected pregnancy
1. They get married partly for responsibilities instead of all their love.
2. They can't get married according to their blueprints of life.
1. The new lives are innocent, they should not be killed.
2. Pregnancy is a good reason for women to ask for permanent promises form men.

Boss can supervise employees’ phone and computer during the work time
1. To prevent employees from being lazy
2. Boss can protect their own business secret data
1. Employees should have privacy
2. Reduce the efficiency of the employees
Taiwan should enlist soldiers instead of conscription.
1. It can increase the productivity and competitiveness in Taiwan.
2. Soldiers will be more professional.
1. The amount of soldiers may be not enough.
2. It will cost much more money to enlist soldiers.


Husband should be older than wife
1. Because female’s mental ages is older than male’s at the same age, it can ensure almost equivalent degree of maturity of husband and wife.
2. Because modern people get married late, it can prevent wife to be a lying-in woman of high age (
1. Female’s average lifespan is longer than male’s, it may cause wife to remain a widow for more years.
2.Wife which is younger than husband could give few advices to husband’s career than wife of high ages.

NCCU should change the standard of 1/2+1/3 back to 1/2.
1.Students should be responsible to their own grades.
2. Keep the proficiency and quality of the students, also the reputation of school.
1.Give additional chances to the students.
2.Having more students means earning more money for the school.

Girls should wear makeup.
1. Wearing makeup makes girls more confident.
2. It's polite to wear makeup in some occasions, and it's a way to show our respect to others.
1. Inner beauty is more important than outward appearance.
2. It always takes a lot of time and money when it comes to wearing makeup.
College students should take more general education courses(通識).
1. These courses can stimulate us to have more different thoughts.
2. We can cultivate another ability through general education courses.
1. Taking more general education courses makes one lack of time to concentrate on his/ her own major.
2. It will influence students' other plans in college if taking more general education courses is needed.
Google should scan all books to Internet.
1.Save paper(and trees).
2.Easy to spread knowledge.
1.Less person will write books if it is non-profit.
2.Google will monopolize this.
College students should also have rights to score/flunk teachers
1. It's a way to eliminate those teachers who are not suitable for their jobs.
2. Teachers will try to improve/modify themselves instead of just making demands on students.
1. If not mature enough, students may misuse this power against teachers.
2. Contradict our tradition of paying respects to teachers.
We should not use Facebook.
1. Facebook doesn't protect our privacy well. Everyone could easily get our personal information.
2. People might be addicted to playing the little games or viewing others' messages. It would waste our life.
1. Facebook could shorten the social distance. We can broaden the range of friends.
2. It is an efficient way to promote yourself, advertising products, or grouping people who has same interest or faith.
The government should admit students who have China academic background.
1. We could have more outstanding human resources.
2. Variety brings development.
1. It is hard to tell the qualities of China's schools.
2. It might be more difficult for us to find a job.
A motorcycle should not be a common transportation tool.
Pro: 1. In many well-developed countries, riding motorcycle is uncommon.
2. Fewer accidents happen.
Con: 1.Without a motorcycle, it is inconvenient in mountain area.
2. A motorcycle consumes less gasoline.

Taiwan should allow coed dorms in colleges.
1. Having guys in the dorm can protect girls from danger.
2. Students can learn more about how to respect the differences from the opposite sex.
1. Having guys in the dorm may also lead to sexual harassment.
2. Students with increased access to the opposite sex may cause pregnancy and abortion problems.

Couples are supposed to cohabit before legal marriage.
1.Couple will be able to understand living habits with each other before marriage.

2.Living together with lover can save money for the living after marriage.
1.Women will suffer from gossips because of the cohabitation.
2.Both won’t have a passion for marriage and not be confident of his or her lover.

Molly Yeh


Chen Lin
The government should develop the green area in the factory no.202 to a biotechnology research park.
1.To enhance our technical development.
2.It can also stimulate the economic by providing more jobs.
1.The last green area in Taipei will disappear.
2.It would cause the pollutions by the research in the park.
The government should legalize same-sex marriage.
1. Earn respect and human rights for homosexual couples.
2. Help people realize differnt sexual orientation doesn't make them "queer".
1. It is not necessary to get married because there's another form for them to unite each other. For example, civil union.
2. Even if same-sex marriage is legal, the social problems will still exist, like children adoption, discrimination, etc, the situation can not be changed over night.

Should student wear uniform before entering college?
1. Students wear uniform to keep equality: no one is special in wearings and the student in poor family background won't feel shamed.
2. Wearing uniforms make students save their time so that they will be
more focused on their academic performance.
1.Students should recognize their own style earlier so that they won't feel confused about what to wear when they enter college.
2. Students shouldn't be judged by the uniforms, and which high school they come from.
Molly Chen

We should install the cable.
1. The more channels we have, the more information we can get.

2. We will have more choices to choose which program we really like instead of forcing ourselves to watch those boring channel.
1. It will waste more time when we change that much channels.

2. it’s inappropriately to pay extra money for those channels that we seldom use.
Students should study graduate school
1. If students study graduate school, they can get a better salary
2. Study graduate school can increase your specialty.

1. Students should focus on the actual practice instead of wasting time on research.
2. It cost a lot of money and time studying graduate school.
People should not get married before 28.
1. According to the periodical of sociology, in modern society people who married too early tend to divorce easily.
2. Young people should wait until they are more mature and have stable economical ability and then get married and have children. If they are not mature enough, many social problems will emerge.
1. If couples want to have children, get married earlier will be better because the best age for bearing children is about 25 years old and women will have less risk when they give birth to children.
2. Get married too late might cause the society has fewer babies and become the old age society which might be the burden of our government and country in the future.