Carlos & Jack

Jack's feedback
I really appreciate your comments which really point out something important. First of all, I didn't notice that
red words with black background is not clear. I'll definitely avoid this kind of problem when it comes to making the PPT in the future. Also the amount of words in the same slide is what we should control.

Above all, after understanding your comments, I think the contradiction of the comments may be the most important feedbacks. While some of you think we did a good job on comparing, others suggest us to make better comparisons between our two topics. The reason for this may be we go into deeper ideas too fast that made people feel that we were not doing the comparison. To improve, we should spend a little bit more time on introducing the tragedies part and the values we found from them. In that way, I guess people can not only understand the tragedies better, but also focus the four values that we concentrated on. And then, people will understand that we are not really comparing the tragedies and movies, but the values they revealed.

Carlos’s feedback
Firstly, Greek tragedies are tough to tell in a few times. Therefore, I delete some minor roles, the original order of play, and just tell the story directly rather than dramatically. I should think other way that is more clear and attractive.
Secondly, we will notice that shouldn’t put too many words in a page. But put them into two or three pages.
Finally, the compare, should be more easier, perhaps, we do too many compare; therefore, some say the compare are good while some might be confused.

The followings are comments from the classmates & me. To present their comments precisely, I do not change any of their wordings. Please take the comments positively. J

Read the comments carefully. Some comments are contradictory; you should think about those comments more carefully to figure out the reasons. After reading the comments, write down your feedback to the audience.

In terms of ways of delivery:
1. Fluent speech. Well-prepared.
2. Carlos needs to give more eye contacts.
3. Jack is a good speaker who speaks confidently and clearly.

In terms of visual aids:
4. Ppt is delicate but kind of too complicated.
5. Too many words in one page.
6. Some of the PPT words are too many to read.
7. It would be better if putting fewer words on some slides, such as storyline slides.
8. Word size is too small.
9. Black background with red words is not so clear.

In terms of the content:
10. The topic is interesting.
11. Very inspiring content. And interesting comparing Greek ideas with modern American values.
12. I like the comparisons between American and Greek stories.
13. You didn’t compare the difference between American movie and Greek tragedy.
14. The Greek part is too detailed of the plot.
15. The American part is very excellent. I’m impressed.
16. Use a lot of information
17. Maybe you can explain the story in easier way for the audience who didn’t know the story.
18. Can make a connection or difference of Greek and America movies that you have told.

I. Definition of “Culture”

The educated common consensus toward living styles and values of a specific community, under a specific background.

Greek Tragedy & American Movie : In Justice, Feminine position, Life attitude, and
Individualism versus Communitarianism.

a. Rationale:
In ancient Greek, tragedies reveal a communities’orientation toward their values of life while in modern societies, movies show variable attitudes of diversified races. By observing these common entertainments, we might deeply understand every specific character for a community. Through tragedies and movies, we might be able to realize what people will respond when facing events.

Tragedies and movies don’t only show their characters but also educate their children. It demonstrates an ability to inherit traditions. We are going to compare Greek tragedies and American movies by their justice, feminine position, life attitude, and individualism versus communitarianism. And then, we might know deeper of what the culture is. And we are able to reflect the meaning of our own culture.

We are trying to observe the American culture through movies instead of the traditional ways such as religion. Though we can still and are going to cover some of these traditional aspects, we focus on guns, vampires, sports, blondes and all kinds of stuff.
On the other hand, Greek tragedies hide Greek people's life attitude. We focus on Justice, the feminine position, and Greek Gods. Trying to find out why Greek tragedies can represent Greek culture.

Through the standpoint from tragedies and movies, we tend to understand the culture by a more nature and interesting way. Targeting to have a deeper understanding toward our and their culture. We believe cultures’ essence exist in these general entertainments: tragedies and movies.